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Online Safety Resource for Girls

Girl Scouts of the USA and Microsoft Corp. have joined forces to create an online safety resource for girls. The name of this initiative is LMK (text-speak for "let me know"), and the program is designed to build girls as leaders in promoting online safety.

Girls are the technology experts on subjects that are often best discussed at a teen-to-teen level, like cyberbullying, predators and social networking. This girl-led campaign allows girls to share their online concerns with peer "tech-perts" about the issues that affect them while raising awareness about how to help keep girls (ages 13-17) safe while surfing the Web.

The campaign includes an interactive Web site for girls, as well as an e-newsletter and Web site for adults. Each month, an all-girl editorial board explores a different internet safety topic online and then shares what they learned in the e-newsletter, which is distributed to adults the following month.

With the escalating popularity, increasing access to the internet and online technologies, it is important for teens and parents to be aware of the dangers that exist in cyberspace. The LMK ("let me know") campaign not only creates a space for internet safety experts and teen peer advisors, it also provides guidance about topics like cyberbullying and online sexual predators. The adult components of the campaign help teens to bridge the digital generation gap between themselves and their parents.

LMK ("let me know") is open to everyone, Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts alike, as well as any adult who wants to learn about internet safety. There will be a participation patch for Girl Scouts who participate.

Reading Suggestions for Girls:

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Contemporary Books for Teens

Last Dance on Holladay Street

Carbone, Elisa
Last Dance on Holladay Street
13-year-old Eva sets out to Denver to find her birth mother. When she arrives, however, she finds that her real family is nothing like she imagined.

Copper Sun

Draper, Sharon
Copper Sun
Amari's is dragged from her home to the Carolinas where she is bought by a plantation owner, befriends an indentured servant, and struggles to find herself in her new world.

Liberation of Gabriel King

Going, K.L.
The Liberation of Gabriel King
In Georgia in 1976, young Gabriel King must overcome his fears and help Frita, the only black girl in his class, stand up to her own.

Day of Tears

Lester, Julius
Day of Tears
Young Emma, a slave who's always been treated as family, discovers that every decision has its consequences, and final judgment is passed down not by man, but by his maker.

Stretch Your Wings

Bell, Janet Cheatham and Lucille Usher Freeman, eds.
Stretch Your Wings: Famous Black Quotations for Teens
A collection of African proverbs and quotations by black Americans.


Bolden, Tanya
Maritcha: a Nineteenth-Century American Girl
This poignant story tells what it was like to be a black child born free during the days of slavery.

Romiette and Julio

Draper, Sharon M.
Romiette and Julio
Like Shakespeare's famous star-crossed lovers, Romiette Cappelle and Julio Montague face strong opposition to their budding romance. In their case, a dangerous gang's disapproval of their interracial relationship puts the two in mortal peril.

Keesha's House

Frost, Helen
Keesha's House
Seven teenagers try to hold their lives together despite serious difficulties.

Bronx Masquerade

Grimes, Nikki
Bronx Masquerade
A group of high school students use creative writing to express themselves and in the process learn a lot about who they really are.

Standing Against the Wind

Jones, Traci L.
Standing Against the Wind
Patrice isn't used to her new Chicago neighborhood and wants to escape the drugs and the gangs... but her options are limited since her mother's in jail.


McDonald, Janet
Raven Jefferson is a fifteen-year old high school dropout on welfare living with her mother and infant son in the projects of Brooklyn. When her sister encourages her to enter a spelling bee whose prize is a college scholarship, Raven rises to the challenge


For Precious Jones, sixteen and pregnant with her father's child, miraculous hope appears when a courageous, determined teacher inspires her to learn to read.

Emako Blue

Woods, Brenda
Emako Blue
Emako Blue, a girl from South Central L.A., is destined to be a star -- until everything changes in one horrific instant.

 Pieces of Georgia

Bryant, Jennifer
Pieces of Georgia
Georgia's counselor gave her a notebook -- the one that she writes to her mother in. Her mother died of pneumonia. No one dies of pneumonia anymore...but Georgia's mother did.

Secret Blog of Raisin Rodriguez

Goldschmidt, Judy
The Secret Blog of Raisin Rodriguez
When Raisin moves from Berkeley to Philadelphia, she creates a blog to keep her two best friends updated on her misery. It's supposed to be a secret, but soon the whole school knows about Raisin's blog.

When Dad Killed Mom

Lester, Julius
When Dad Killed Mom
Jeremy and Jenna thought that today was like any other ordinary day. Then they got called to the principal's office. Suddenly, their lives become nightmares when they discover that their dad killed their mom in broad daylight in front of witnesses!

Rules of Survival

Werlin, Nancy
The Rules of Survival
In a letter to his 5-year-old sister, Matthew recounts the horrifying events of living with their abusive mother.