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Welcome to the Girls Coalition of Southwestern Pennsylvania!
If you want to know more about the many amazing things happening in the region to promote, advocate, and empower girls, then you’ve come to the right place!

We believe that girls and young women have unique needs. Gender matters. Whether we are seeking to understand problems faced by youth (such as violence and drug use), or investing in solutions (closing the wage gap, improving educational achievement, retaining young people in the region), we cannot ignore the influence of gender. When we think specifically about gender, girls do better. When we think about the needs of girls, we pay attention to relationships, build on strengths, think about the whole person, teach assertiveness, and empower girls to make good decisions for the future. Girls are facing unprecedented obstacles and risks in today’s world.  And the Girls Coalition is here to help your organization connect, collaborate and create a better place for girls to grow up right here in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Numerous organizations and individuals across southwestern Pennsylvania are dedicated to improving the lives, health,well-being,opportunities and futures of our girls. The Girls Coalition brings them all together to share information, ideas, research,resources and best practices. Our goal is to help each of our members be more effective in serving girls – and to make it easier for girls and parents to learn about the fabulous programs and opportunities that exist in their own community. The Girls Coalition is about new opportunities, fresh ideas, and incredible potential. 

Since March 2008, organizations and individuals throughout the region have signed on as Girls Coalition members, with new members joining everyday. We hope you join us on this journey on behalf of girls in our region.


The Steering Committee
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